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USB Flash Drives Randomly Disconnect - New Dell Inspiron 14 7400


My laptop has two USB 3.2 Type-A 1st gen ports, one on each side.  I have a Samsung 3.1 FIT Plus 256 flash drive that I leave permanently in one port, and it randomly disconnects.  It can happen when I am using it, or not using it.  Obviously very inconvenient when I am using it, such as copying files to and from, or watching a movie  from it.

I also regularly use a Philips Snow 3.0 128 GB flash drive in the other port, same story.  Using it or not, it randomly disconnects.  Very inconvenient obviously when I am using it.

I´ve read quite a few posts here (and elsewhere) of possible remedies for the random disconnection problem.  Yes, I have also gone to device manager > Universal Serial Bus controllers > USB Root Hub (two listed) > Properties > Power Management > Unchecked Box: Allow this computer to turn off this device to save power.  Didn´t help.

So what IS the solution?

Thanks so much in advance for your help.



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If nothing helps, ask Dell or ask Mr.Google or still, throw it in the trash or let the dog ate it then buy a new one.


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Thank you


Here is my summary of how to solve the problem of USB devices / flash drives disconnecting.


This is a collection of advice I have randomly read on the internet, and also advice from people responding to this post, and also me actually trying things both from the advice that I received and trying things on my own.


Here we go:


  1.  ieee488 said “There is also a power saving option in Power Settings in Windows 10 itself.”.  I asked for follow up regarding what that meant, and I received nothing…. So, from the Windows “Type here to search” box, I typed in USB.  I saw that there is actually a USB setting in Windows 10 – Stop devices when my screen is off to help save battery.  If you´re having problems with connected devices, clear the checkbox.  I did that.
  2.  Covering the obvious, I decided to do a clean install of Windows 10 – 21H1 – and I updated every single driver and download.  That didn´t work.
  3.  I ran SupportAssist, installed every driver / update Dell could find.  No.
  4.  I went to the Microsoft Store, and updated every app in my system. No.
  5.  User DangDump suggested that go I go device manager Windows + X then M.  Go to Universal Serial Bus controllers…. Uninstall them all, restart computer.  No. (Yes, everything uninstalled magically reappears)
  6.  Check USB flash drive drivers – there is no such thing.  I chatted with Samsung and they said that whatever Microsoft Windows 10 finds for a driver will be fine, even though the driver is from 2006.
  7.  Go into device manager, USB controllers, and choose each device > properties > power management > uncheck the box that says allow the computer to turn off this device to save power
  8.  The last thing is…. And absolutely no one has suggested this…. I am using one of those little slim fit flash drives that are supposed to be plugged in and just left plugged in…. No one has suggested…. Make sure you properly disconnect the device before shutting down the PC.
    1.  And……… if you don´t actually remove the device, when you shut it down and then turn on the laptop again, that USB device will NOT show up again.  After turning on the laptop, you MUST restart the laptop, and THEN, and only THEN, will you see the USB device.


So, in conclusion… in addition to everything written above, make sure you properly disconnect all of your USB devices before you shut down, and after you reboot, RESTART your computer so all connected devices that were left in your system will properly be reinitialized.


That´s it.  This problem is solved.


Thanks so much to everyone who contributed (DangDump and ieee488), and to me, who tried everything!!!


Good luck to all the others having the same problem!




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I think the problem is now being sorted <Non-public info removed>


Hey, it's not a story, it a problem, @davidjohn098.

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