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Isilon cloud Tier Implement

We have a Isilon Cluster and planning to move 6 month inactive data to cloud pool(AWS)and wanted to know how we can take consistent backup of Isilon+AWS both NFS shares to EMC Data domain?What settings needs to be done on Isilon & EMC Networker?

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Re: Isilon cloud Tier Implement


Backing up an archive isn't a good idea.  Why?  You're paying AWS to geo-protect this S3 bucket, right?  So it is protected there.  S3 objects, natively have versioning built-in as well, and we're talking about inactive content, with a set of keys tied to the bucket that shouldn't be handed out to anyone.

What I would suggest is this:

1. Backup the whole thing with a full before you archive anything. 

2. Now that the data is all in the backup set, run your CloudPools jobs. 

3. Now run your incremental backups, the metadata of the file that was archived off won't have changed / aside from the offline extended file attribute being set, so there shouldn't be anything new to backup.  If someone were to inadvertently delete a stub, and you need to restore it from a backup you're just restoring the ~8KB stub (1 block), which contains a pointer to the offline data.

If you want to have your backups do pass-through reads, in most HSM systems that's possible, and is likely possible here too; but consider that you'll be paying egress costs to read that data back out of AWS every time.  If that doesn't sound ludicrous at first glance, just wait until you get your bill.

Look up these options in the CLI guide.

isilon3-1# isi cloud settings view

               Default Accessibility: cached

            Default Cache Expiration: 1D

         Default Compression Enabled: No

              Default Data Retention: 1W

          Default Encryption Enabled: No

       Default Full Backup Retention: 5Y

Default Incremental Backup Retention: 5Y

                  Default Read Ahead: partial

         Default Writeback Frequency: 9H

      Default Archive Snapshot Files: Yes

Anyway hope this helps.  In Summary backing up archives is usually a waste.  It's in the archive in the first place because it's likely no-longer relevant, a copy should already be in your older backup sets from before it was archived (because by definition it's not changing), and it'll cost you a boat-load of money.

~Chris Klosterman

Principal SE, Datadobi

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Re: Isilon cloud Tier Implement

Thanks Chris

Yes absolutely, reading from AWS is too costly,

Since it is 6 month inactive data which we are going to send to cloud.After some time if user makes any modification to that particular share which was lying  in cloud ,it will become active data and move back to Isilon

Just want to get clear understanding on how backup will happen  after cloud pool implementation on a particular share, what exact settings/steps need to be done?

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