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NFS protocol issue/information on Isilon

Hi All,

Can anyone help in providing the solutions for below mentioned points?

1.) When i do modification on existing nfs exports to add a new unix client it throws error as bad hostname 08, anything wrong in the command?

is240sc01-7:/root # isi --timeout 240 nfs exports modify 2 --add-clients lx240trex2r

bad hostname 08

is240sc01-7:/ifs # isi --timeout 240 nfs exports modify 2 --add-clients=lx240trex2r

bad hostname 08

2.) We have a windows share and provided full access permission to unix account which is been accessed by user on windows host. User frequently compalints that he is not able to access the share and says to re push the permissions again on the share path. how can we re push the permissions for particular user/group on NFS share path? Below is the error user receives while accessing the share. Can we disconnec and reconnect the network drive on the windows host, will this help?

can't open \\isihou\dev2_cs\admin\EnterpriseLibrary\index2\livelink.2030 for reading



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Re: NFS protocol issue/information on Isilon

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Re: NFS protocol issue/information on Isilon

Hi Bhuvankumar,

For the first question, it seems you insert the wrong sting in the command.

--add-clients <string>

Adds a client to be allowed access through this export. This option can be repeated to specify multiple clients. Cannot be used with --clients

The following screenshot was captured from my lab box:


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