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isi_vol_copy to rollback changes


For netapp to isilon migrations using isi_vol_copy... once we have cutover and user has written data on Isilon...lets say for some reason we needed to rollback to netapp and also copy the changes back...can we use isi_vol_copy for that ???

If not, what other tools we can use to copy changes back to netapp ... can we use rsync for that even though rsync is not used for initial copy .  What about other tools emcopy , robocopy, do they support reverse incremental.

Also, i take it isi_vol_copy can support multiple sessions from single filer (provided source/destination directory is different).

Thanks in advance.

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Re: isi_vol_copy to rollback changes

Hi Bhattk,

Last I checked, isi_vol_copy does not have the ability to roll-back. 

You will need to migrate the data back using another tool, depending on the type of permissions in use (I.e. ACLs, POSIX or both).  It will not be easy if mixed.

You can do multiple isi_vol_copy sessions, but be aware that you are rapidly consuming all of the bandwidth from the Netapp.  Be sure to target different Isilon nodes as well as different directories to maximize what bandwidth you do have.


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