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isilon Beginner

Hi Bros,

i am learning about isilon storage ,but there a bit of questions are confusion me Anyone can  help verify below questions?

1. which cache are blocks copied to disk, L2 or  Endurant cache?

2.sector size of an Isilon 8 TB drive? 4096 or 512 bytes?

3. In dell EMC practice test ,there is a question as below

You are designing an Isilon 5-node cluster configuration for a customer who wants to store user home directories on the new cluster. Each user has 100 small files of 4KB each, 100 medium sized files of 80KB each, and 100 larger files of 512KB each.

How much space is occupied by the medium sized files data blocks on an N+1n cluster? ,what about small and large sized files, how to calculate?

4. What is the best case performance for Backup Accelerator when backing up to LTO-4 or LTO-5 drives?  2.6TB/hr?

5. On an 18-node Isilon cluster with the default protection setting, what is the actual layout of a 128 KB file?  N+2n?

6. An Isilon has 15 X410 nodes and 4 NL410 nodes. How many job engine directors does the cluster have?  19?

Thanks all In advance.

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