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2014 laptop used one year, no support?!!!

So, I'm told my 17" Inspiron that I got my wife for Chirstmas in '14, that *** out (diagnosed as a mother-board in the spring of '16; count that 1.5 years of very easy use), that I saved the $300 for the repair (quoted after about an hour on the phone with support back in April), and spent two hours so far on support to get this detail and that, that I left two voice mails over the past month with no return call, ONLY TO FIND OUT AT THE LAST MINUTE BEFORE THEY SEND THE BOX FOR THE REPAIR, THAT THEY DON'T HAVE THE MOTHER-BOARD IN STOCK!!!!!  AND CAN'T TELL ME WHEN OR IF THEY WILL GET MORE!!!  Does anyone at Dell care?  I've been a Dell guy for years, guess I'll look at HP's!!!!!!!!!

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RE: 2014 laptop used one year, no support?!!!

Whatever you buy next, the $100 or so you'll spend on a 3-year warranty is a good investment. You won't find the situation any different with any other manufacturer - all notebooks regardless of the name on the outside are designed and built by the same small pool of manufacturers, mostly based in Taiwan.  Just the top three of them supply most of the market.

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