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3147 blank screen no logon screen after Win10 updates

Logo shows but black screen w back light instead of login screen. Safe mode screen works fine. Also can get screen if I start the computer with live HDMI ext mon/tv plugged into HDMI port.

Tried removing Intel drivers, checking Dell for updates etc. No resolution yet!





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Thank you for writing to us!

Since the system boots fine in " Safe mode with networking" try to perform a system restore .

Also update the drivers in safe mode .

If that doesnt work kindly back up the data on the system and do a clean installation.



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Always amazes me how easily things like "back up the data on the system and do a clean installation" roll off the tongues of support reps. As if you do not realize the many hours and headaches involved in starting over from scratch!

I checked the drivers, removed them, and installed latest from Dell. Will try a system restore. Thanks.


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EDIT: Tried sys restore- seemed to fix. Computer screen stopped working again but Windows shows Intel GPU updates yet to be installed so it is not GPU driver related but still could be the KB3120677 update which shows installed again even though I told it to ask first. /EDIT

It appears this Windows update =may= be causing the issue. If I install the Dell GPU driver it works. After this update it does not work and upon re-installing the Dell driver there is a message showing newer drivers have been installed for the GPU.

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Further Win10 updates have not resolved this issue for me. Still looking for a solution thanks.


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I think you should try the option Reset This PC(keep my files) on your computer. Please follow the steps and watch the video below:

1. Click Settings

2. Update And Security

3. Recovery

4. Reset This PC (Get Started)

5. Choose an option ( Keep My Files)

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No thanks. I prefer to narrow down what is actually causing the problem. I have narrowed it down to 3 XBox services.

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Issue persists the above Xbox services did not solve in the end. Odd as I could shut down/reboot w screen working for a few days there.


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