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60% Plugged in Not Charging.

Hello Everyone,

About 1 Year ago i Bought a new DELL 5521 it was working fine, but like 2 days ago i was playing games in battery mod, it suddenly pop low battery 6% or maybe 10% so i force shutted down, and like not its charging up-to 60% or 65% and after this it says Plugged in not charging... i don't know why its not going above 65% percent Please Help its Really Argent For Me.. i Tried SEVERAL THINGS PEOPLE SAID, in Google in Forums Nothing Worked Please Tell Me What Should i do??? & it Also Sometimes Plug and Unplug By it Self Like for 2 Seconds it Unplug it Self, and then plug again and i dont know why....

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RE: 60% Plugged in Not Charging.


  1. did you try to change your adapter or may be battery?
  2. Did you try battery meter software?  If yes, See the status of your battery and uncheck this option "disable battery disabling"

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