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AC Adapter Boot Error Message

Hi all, I have had a Precision M90 since February which has worked great! However, the last week or so I constantly get an error message on boot up saying:

     The AC Power Adaptor type cannot be determined. The system can only boot with a 130w power adapter or greater. Press F1 to continue.

Since pressing F1 only shuts down the laptop, I have found I can no longer use the machine. I have also noticed the charging led no longer lights up when using the power.

Any ideas or help is much appreciated,



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Re: AC Adapter Boot Error Message

Hi topi42,

I'm sorry to say but your probably . I have an XPS M1530. Less than 1 month after having my laptop I got that same F1 power adaptor problem. After a little while the whole systems shut down on me. I was unable to open a single thing on the laptop. It wouldn't even turn on. So I luckily have a two year warranty. Dell replaced my power adaptor and motherboard. By the way, other things happened to the computer during this time, but I won't bore you with the details. Fast foward to today, six months later and everything seemed to work fine after they fixed the problem, but just in the past few days I have started having the same F1 problem everytime I boot my computer.

Just know that your are not the only one. From what I have read on this site, Dell knows the problem, they so far just seem to cheap to fix the problem correctly. The would rather you by the warranty and then replace the parts.

My recommendation is to make a consumer nightmare for Dell. The customer service people I talked to on the phone were nice and helpful, but just like every other company management is the one to blame. My hope is people like you, me and the others who are having this issue tell everyone they know about this problem. Hopefully, someone can right an article in PC magazine or Consumer Reports.

Then maybe, just maybe something will be done and Dell will fix this problem.

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Re: AC Adapter Boot Error Message

I have the exact same issue with my M1710, started happening 1 month out of warranty, seems such poor build quality that a top of the range laptop cannot even make it past 14 months ? Apparenlty its probably a new mobo which is gonna cost.... I must admit I'm also very dissapointed in DELL build quality.

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RE: AC Adapter Boot Error Message

QUICK ANSWER: Although this isn't a permanent fix this may get it working fine. It did when I tried it.

STEP 1:  Fully charge your battery while the computer is turned off. (If you cannot do this then you clearly have a dead or almost dead battery and can buy one cheap on any online Marketplace)

STEP 2: Unplug the computer

STEP 3: Turn on the Computer (while unplugged)

STEP 4: Boot to Windows (If you cannot boot to windows then your operating system may be corrupt, or any number of other things.) [You can use the disks that came with your Laptop to re-install the operating system or download an operating system such as Ubuntu or Chromebook for free] {Or you can buy a boot disk from an online Marketplace cheap}

STEP 5: Once windows is loaded, plug the computer back in and use your computer.

My Personal Experience:

I fix old computers and sell them. I got one of these laptops. I used this bypass method to install windows 8.1 onto the computer so I could sell it for like $30 bucks.