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Alienware M18x R2 - Cannot get into BIOS with F2 - boot post is too fast

I am going to wear out my laptop keyboard pounding the F2 key while powering up!  I have Windows 7 installed and it takes at least 20 or more attempts to get into the BIOS (F2).  Or F12, the boot menu for that matter.  I feel like I win the lottery actually getting into the BIOS.  The red progress bar zips by and by experience I know that if it reaches the right side, its too late!  The webs had similar discussions on different hardware with same problem.  They suggest holding F2 then press power.  That does not seem to matter.  Apparently the keyboard "wakes up" after it is too late or something else is happening. 

How on earth do you predictably and robustly get to the BIOS with F2?  Something needs to be turned off.  I read Windows 8 and 8.1 has a "fast boot" option you turn off in the OS after logging in.  I did not find such an option in Windows 7.  UEFI boot is disabled in the BIOS.  (I know that because I looked for it the time I ACTUALLY made it into the BIOS. 

Don't have this problem on my ASUS mb in my desktop PC or on my HP laptop for that matter.  Dell tell me how to slow down the BIOS post to I can actually get into the BIOS settings!!


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