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Blank screen on Inspiron E1405, but external monitor works OK!

Hi Folks,

I have an Inspiron E1405 laptop.  The screen suddenly went blank a few days ago, and has not worked since then.  I hooked up an external monitor and it works fine.  The computer is out of warranty, so I was wondering if this problem is something that I can fix (replace a part), and if anyone would know what is causing the problem and approximately how much it would cost to fix it.

When the computer boots up, the screen displays the opening Dell logo for a split second, and then after that, the screen remains black.

I went to the Dell web site and followed the instructions for diagnostics, by holding the function key during bootup, and it gave me the beeps for error #333.  The message I got after that was to contact Dell Tech Service.

If anyone has any information to resolve my problem, it would be very much appreciated.  Thanks for reading this!


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Re: Blank screen on Inspiron E1405, but external monitor works OK!

Could be the inverter, backlight or mainboard - the inverter you can replace fairly easily (it's behind the screen).  Remove it to search for an exact replacement.

If it's the bulb, that's much more difficult to replace - a shop can do it for $100-150 or so.

If neither of those fixes the problem, you likely have a faulty mainboard - that is more on the order of a $400-500 repair.


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