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Brand New Dell Problems Starting Up (ePSA)

I received a brand new Dell 2-in-1 laptop for Christmas and I have tried calling customer support but each time, I get someone with a really thick accent and it's just too difficult to work with. 

Here is the problem, as soon as I turn on the laptop, I get a loud noise and there are vertical colored bars and a question asking if I see any colored bars. I click yes and it takes me to the ePSA page where it tests everything after 10-15mins and it tells me everything is fine. Laptop loads up fine but I have no volume, it's muted. I cannot change the volume and, also, I cannot change the screen brightness. 

I turn off the laptop and then when I turn it on again, the exact same thing repeats itself with the colored bars, to the ePSA screen, and then it loads up fine but without volume nor the ability to adjust screen brightness....any clues?

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RE: Brand New Dell Problems Starting Up (ePSA)

You are able to boot into windows ? If yes, type MSCONFIG onto [Cortana] search box, and then make sure 'Normal Startup is mark, see image below.