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Can Bluetooth stop Audio (D830)

The audio on my D830 loaded with updated WinXP works just fine unless my Motion 3500 Tablet is turned on nearby.

The Motion Tablet is running Windows 7 and the only connection with the D830 would be when I occasionally send a file from the D830 to the Motion using Bluetooth.  The effect on D830's Audio is there without any requested Bluetooth File Transfer.  

Whenever I click a link to a Video, it will have a normal audio unless the Tablet is on, then no sound.  If I turn off or suspend the Tablet and re-click the Video Link, then the Audio works again.

There is a 'Windows Tone' emitted from the D830 whenever the Motion Tablet is turned on or off in the vicinity and the Audio on the Tablet works fine, but it does not play the missing Audio from the D830 when this is taking place. 

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