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Customizing and Cooling Studio XPS 1340

I over clocked my Nvidia GeForce 9400M G card to the "sweet point". And overclocked the processor from 2.4 to 2.7mhz.

Now we all know Studio XPS 1340 overheats a lot and now its gona over heat more.  I Need help in finding more powerful fans or heat sinks that absorb more heat!

For now I just put a pencil uver the tabs to give it a higher clearance from the table so the fan suction could work a lil better, it helps just a lil. I know there are cooling pads but I dont want some big thing under my laptop. Does anyone know any websites or companies that sell more powerful laptop fans or better heat sinks?


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Re: Customizing and Cooling Studio XPS 1340

Notebook fans and heatsinks are sized to fit the chassis - they're not replaceable.  Nothing but the originals will fit.


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Re: Customizing and Cooling Studio XPS 1340

hi can you tell me how you did it. what software you used. and what were the spec you put in to over clock. and also you can  get a really good colling pad and wile using it take the bottom panel off and you well get really good colling.  just do reply to this respond with the way you did it. thanks i really want to do this. thanks emoticon.Gift.title


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