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D400 models (in terms of CPU)

Does anybody know if Dell has made any pre Centrino D400 Notebooks?
By pre Centrino I mean systems having not the Pentium Mobile but rather the Pentium 4 Mobile CPU. Is there any D400's with the P4M CPU?
I am asking because I was looking for a D400 on eBay and to my surprise I found that some of the offers specify the CPU as being a P4M. Is that possible?
Actually, I'd prefer the Pentium Mobile, because it is more energy efficient.
Then I've also seen offers for D400s specifying the CPU as 1.8 or even 2 GHz Pentium Mobile.
At some other place I have read that the fastest Pentium Mobile CPU in a D400 notebook has 1.7 GHz. That might mean that a 2 GHz D400 has a P4M CPU and not a Pentium Mobile?
Does any of you know what is correct and what is not? 
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Re: D400 models (in terms of CPU)

All D400s are Celeron M or Pentium M.
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