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DELL Inspiron 600m won't boot-up?

I just bought this DELL Inspiron 600m through eBay auctions the other day.  It is out of warranty so I can't contact DELL support without paying for it.  It simply won't start-up.  I've tried all of the recommended DELL Support teams trouble shooting techniques, with no resolution.  All that happens after depressing the "Start" button is the three "green" lights illuminate for approximately 3 to 4 seconds then go off.

I've tried to connect an external color monitor with nothing appearing on it's screen either.  It has (2) 256MB PC2700s (333MHz) DDR memory sticks in it.  I swapped out those memory sticks with some 512MB PC2100s (266MHz) DDR type and also tried some 256MB PC2100s (266MHz) DDR with no changes.  I even swapped out the Intel 1.4GHz w/1MB cache CPU.  Sure, I suppose the CPU could I swapped may be bad, so I tried another one.  Still nothing!

Does anyone out there in this community have any thoughts about this problem that I could try?  Please respond.

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Re: DELL Inspiron 600m won't boot-up?

This reply may have come a few years too late.

Sounds to me like you have a definite Motherboard or CPU hardware fault. Either the Motherboard or the CPU will need to be replaced.

I've seen this problem with an XPS Laptop where the lights would illuminate then it would shutoff / Short out. It was a bad CPU. After replacing the motherboard the same exact issue occurred. Found out it was the CPU in an online forum. Which is rare with your model.

If you've swapped out the ram, and also tried removing the battery and starting the machine with just DC power but with same shutdown result, its definitely a motherboard or CPU failure.

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