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I recently purchased a new Battery and A/C Adapter/Charger for my DELL Studio 1555 because my laptop was not charging properly and would turn off at various intervals. Now, I have charged the new battery and it is fully charged, or at least I think it is. I pressed the "charge" gauge button on the battery and all five lights on the battery turn green but they do not remain so when I release the  "charge" gauge button. Also, the Battery Status Light turns WHITE when I plug the A/C Adapter/Charger into the electrical outlet and then it turns off sporadically. According to the DELL Studio 1555 Setup Guide / Owner's Manual, when the Battery Status Light turns WHITE it means that it is charging, and when the Battery is fully charged it is "OFF." How can I make sure I have fully charged my new battery. Right now, I have it the A/C Adapter/Charger plugged in to the electrical outlet and the Battery Status Light is WHITE, but I have done this several times and it goes from WHITE to "OFF" and when I try to turn on my laptop the keyboard lights up but the screen remains black and then the laptop goes to sleep... it does not turn on and open into Windows 7 as it is suppose to do. PLEASE HELP!!!

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