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Dell Bluetooth and Windows 7 x64

I recently upgraded to Windows 7 Pro x64 and have started to encounter problems with the Bluetooth. I have a Bluetooth mouse that works fine in XP, but is acting weird in 7. First I had a Dell 355 and that would sporadically disconnect after very short periods of time. To get it working I had to turn my wireless on and off to get it working again. I read there was an issue with the driver and attempted to fix it, however to no avail. Then I used a Dell 350, and used the Vista x64 drivers for the Precision M90, I have a XPS M1710, it flashed the firmware and started working, but this even seems to present issues.  Minimizing full screened programs will disconnect my mouse temporarily, but that is an inconvience as it lasts 5-30 seconds when you need to pop in and out of applications. I currently have a Dell 360 Bluetooth module on the way, as it is supposedly uses less power and will hopefully work.

Are there any fixes for my issues?
Preferably a real fix, not a hack, but all suggestions welcome.

Any experiences with the Dell 360 Bluetooth module and Windows 7 x64?


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