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Dell Driver Download Manager is a terrible application

Several months ago, I tried downloading a Driver from the "Drivers and Downloads Page" which always worked out fine.  I saw that there was an application that needed to be installed, which sounded excellent: other manufacturers have had programs for many years that automatically tell you what is out of date, and I expected that Dell finally caught up.  Instead, the thing just didn't work, leaving the driver was unavailable.


So I tried to get a driver again today, and I still had problems.  First my browser wasn't compatible, but there was no warning.  Then I switch over to IE, and I finally get the application to confirm if I want to download it, and I say yes, only to get a "server unavailable" message.  I finally decided to just go to and download the file now that I had the name.

The FAQ could use some updating:

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Re: Dell Driver Download Manager is a terrible application


Why should I use the Dell Driver Download Manager?

The Dell Driver Download Manager offers a fast, more efficient, method of downloading files No it doesn't as well as offering the ability to pause and resume your downloads.

Do I have to use the Dell Driver Download Manager to download files?

No, you can still choose to download files via your browser without using the Dell Driver Download Manager as long as you are downloading them one at a time No, you must use the download manager.. When you first begin to download a file you will be presented with a pop up screen offering the options to use the Driver Download Manager or Internet browser. If you choose Internet Browser No such option you can download files as you normally would.

Do I have to install something to use the Dell Driver Download Manager?

Yes. What you need will depend on what Browser you are using.

For Firefox 2.0.1 and above Firefox 6 (latest) is not compatable, you will need Microsoft.Net 3.5 Service Pack 1 installed. You can download it from
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Re: Dell Driver Download Manager is a terrible application

Yeah it is awful. You do not need to use it however. What files are you after. It is best to download and install ccleaner. Close all your browser windows, run ccleaner and then proceed to download without the download manager.

Its that bad that Rick has wrote a wiki on it: How to bypass the Dell Download Manager

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