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Dell Factory Image Restore - no restore point! help!

Hi, I have had my dell studio 14z for almost 3 years. It runs great (besides the 6 cell battery is going), but lately I've been getting the warning: low disc space: you are running low on disc space on recovery 😧  I have 14.6gb used, 42.5 mb free. This just happened recently. The only thing I've downloaded lately was when I was taking a test on firefox, I had to switch over to internet explorer and update java. I've since then uninstalled java but that didn't do anything. So maybe it wasn't the java that saved to 😧 but I don't download games, tv shows ,movies, or anything like that so I don't know what it could have been.

Staples looked at it and said something was saved to 😧 disc that wasn't supposed to. I can't refrag, I've tried disc clean up which is the recycle bin of 0 files... I've tried everything. I tried to do a system restore point with C: drive but that didn't help. There are no 😧 drive restore points.. so I decided to back up all my files and do a reformat.  So I went to do dell factory image restore but there are no image restore points. none. I now can't do the image restore.

When I got the computer I turned it on and it was loading and I noticed a scratch on the computer so I hard shut down while it was loading because I didn't want to do anything to the computer in case they wouldn't exchange it. I returned it because of the scratch, got another one with a dent , so I settled for the first one with the scratch.  Started up again and it was fine.  This is the only thing that makes me think that since I did a hard shut down on the initial boot up of the brand new computer, that it didn't restore a factory image restore point..??  But maybe I don't know what I'm talking about.

The computer runs fine, it's just that annoying 😧 drive alert.  I'd rather just start fresh anyways since I have everything backed up and maybe it'll make my computer run smoother starting fresh.

What are my options?
I don't have an internal disc drive but I have an external drive. The CDs that came with the dell are:

"operating system"-reinstallation DVD, Windows vista home premium 64bit SP1

dell drivers and utilities for reinstalling dell studio 14z computer software

microsoft office 2007

What do you think I should do? Any advice would be helpful.

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Re: Dell Factory Image Restore - no restore point! help!


Welcome to the Community. This partition can get full when you access "Backup & Restore" option from control panel and selects Backup Files option, by default Backup Copy is stored at RECOVERY Partition D. And during this it would prompt you to select backup options as how many days once automatically systems needs to be backed up. By default it increments the backup. So as the backup copy size increases the RECOVERY Partition D size increases and the Drive D gets eventually full.

Normally, you would only see the following files in RECOVERY Partition:

a) Dell

b) Program Files

c) Source

d) Tools

e) Users

f) Windows

In the Recovery partition D you will see 2 additional files, "MediaID.bin" & a folder which will be created in name of the computer, you can go ahead and delete both of them, since you already have a backup of what you need. Restart your computer.

Thank you

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