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Dell Inspirion 7537 keeps running at full speed when shutdown // running /Windows 10

When I set my laptop Dell Inspirion 7537 to sleep or even shutdown it the standart way, it will drain the battery, because the fan will start spinning and laptop is under 80%+ load. Only pressing the power button for few second restarts it. 

This started happening about a 10days ago after my clean install of Windows 10.

Even when I set my laptop to power off at the evening (it becomes quiet) it at some point starts to spin and never shuts off(stays under load) and then at morning I find it completely drained. 
(If I leave my laptop in power supply charging, I will find it in the morning running, hot, fan spinning and screen black.)

So whenewer it shuts down. It will set my laptop into weird circle when it only keeps running at full speed -_- I cant controll it and screen is black

I have heard these reasons of this: GPU drivers, bad drivers at general, and processes that increase CPU load and runns even in sleep. - I dont know which processes are it yet. And Windows 10 ofc.

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3542 laptop running windows 10 upgrade

this is a copy of the post i answered from some one else, had the same problem..
my problem was from the Intel Rapid Storage ,
yes Martinkit, that is exactly what happened to my laptop, the same as what u experienced with the power problem.
as i said in post
go to Control Panel
on bottom left side, click uninstall program
there are 3 programs to uninstall
Intel rapid storage (i think it will say, have to stop program first before uninstall - click yes) and think it asks to restart system, just go ahead and click yes)
intel management - something or other (cant remember the exact name, but its the only one titled like that)
intel security assist - (also cant remember the exact name - but the only one with a name like that)
on my laptop 3542 , after uninstalling those 3 program there is only one program left made by intel and that is the graphics , obviously , u do NOT want to uninstall that

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I think it helped!!

I unistalled the rapid storage and the engine management  (security was unistalled already)

And now once it didnt drain the battery.

TY and I'll give you echo if it really solved :)

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I have the same problem ... power off button but the battery drains overnight even with laptop lid closed.Id din't have IntelRapidStorage listed but I did have IntelManagement and IntelSecurityAssist. I am hoping that removing them will be sufficient.

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sure it will. Intel had bad update. 

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