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Dell Inspiron 13 7000 Series 2-in-1 No Auto-Rotation

So, I've had my Inspiron 13 for about a year or so. I've had no real major issues or complaints, including upgrading to Windows 10 and those that I did have were solved with a simple search. After having my laptop for a year, its storage eventually filled up. I used a program called CCleaner to delete any junk files on my system, doing my best to make sure the program didn't delete any files that I needed, or that were necessary to the system. However, my best wasn't good enough as my system lost its functionality to automatically rotate depending on what orientation the system is in (Auto-Rotate). I went to the support page for my model, ran the system diagnostic more times than I can remember, as well as doing a full system scan twice, but all the tests showed that my system had no errors and was up to date. I reinstalled all the drivers on the support page, and uninstalled and reinstalled QuickSet64 and the ST Microelectronics 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer Driver, as this thread had suggested the problem may lie there. I also downloaded the Dell "Intel Chipset Driver" as this thread had suggested, verified that QuickSet64 was starting up with my system as this thread had recommended, and disabled the sensor in Device Manager and re-enabled as this thread writer had done, along with updating as many items in Device Manager as I could. I did however notice that I only had one sensor whereas others have seen two, and the numerous threads recommending to either right click on the desktop > display settings > toggle Auto-Rotate or to go to Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Display > Change Display settings > check/uncheck "Allow the Screen to Auto-Rotate" do not have the option appear for me. So I would like to know, is there still some place I can download drivers or any other file that might help me? Or would I need to perform a Full System Format in order to return this functionality back to my computer? Any replies are appreciated!

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