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Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Hinge Broken Issue

We purchased this laptop Jan. 2015.  It is currently almost out of warranty. We purchased online from Costco. I called Costco Concierge services and they connected me with Dell Warranty Dept.  I explained the issue of the screw popping out and the hinge now being broken. Of course the first thing they asked was if it has ever been dropped. NO! IT HAS NEVER BEEN DROPPED! We cannot open the screen more than a 90 degree angle. In some cases when we do, the computer shuts itself down and reboots.  This is obviously a defect in the hardware and workmanship and design of this laptop. As I just spoke with Dell and they are sending me a box to ship the laptop back in. It will take 7-10 business days to fix.  This is a work computer so of course we cannot be without a computer for that long. We will have to buy another computer to use during this time and then give to another employee once the broken one is fixed. For now, they have not said we need to pay anything to fix it as it is still under its one year warranty. But I will let you know if something else occurs. I am glad this forum is here because I would never have known others have had this problem.  Dell really should recall this product or at least give people new computers when they call with this issue. This is such a hassle.  I will post back on here what the resolution outcome is.  Also, they let me know that if it happens again once it is fixed, it will no longer be under warranty. We will have to purchase the extended warranty.  I am really somewhat disappointed in DELL as I would think such a large company backs their products. Everyone on this forum should really have a class action suit against them for our money back.  Good luck everyone with your issues on this!

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RE: Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Hinge Broken Issue

Also similar case as mine. I am writing a post currently to document it. I suggest you make a complaint at the BBB website as I have already. This will get you some traction with dell's warranty department. But they are very stubborn and refuse to see this damage as a manufacturing defect and insist on calling you a liar by saying it is accidental damage.

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