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Dell Inspiron 15 5547 right side hinge issues

A friend and I purchased Dell Inspiron 15 5547 in August 2015 together. Within 5 months my friend's laptop's hinge got broken. Since it was in warranty Dell replaced it in 2 weeks. I didn't face any issue then. But since past few months I noticed a click sound when opening or closing the laptop. It didn't take time to figure out the right hinge of the laptop was defective and because of that the area near power button started popping out. I read several posts on similar issues with this laptop and was wondering if Dell will replace and fix it because of the manufacturing defect. The laptop is about 2 years old now. I'm currently using a paper clip to keep the things in place and not break it.

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RE: Dell Inspiron 15 5547 right side hinge issues

It's very unfortunately the right side hinge of your friend computer is broken. However, Dell has a policy on broken hinge, I think you should read it in the link below:

Dell Laptop Hinge Policy - General Hardware - Laptop ...

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RE: Dell Inspiron 15 5547 right side hinge issues

WoooHoooooooo! The dreaded Inspiron 5547 right hinge design defect strikes again.  I'm an *** who took a products liability course in law school and I know a design defect when I see one.  This is NOT normal wear and tear based on all of the 5547 owners experiencing the exact same problem -- even the crack that appears to the right of the power button is nearly identical in mine and the other cases I've seen.  It is clearly a design defect that looks like Dell addressed early on for some out of warranty owners but now is ignoring the problem.  If it hasn't happened to yours yet, it will.  Reason why mine took so long to manifest is that the laptop sits on my couch and is rarely opened/closed.

I am going to contact Dell tech support to get myself on the record of having a defective hinge.  Then will contact the BBB to file a complaint and point them to the multiple threads of 5547 owners complaining of this problem.  I suggest you do the same