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Dell Inspiron 5520 Not Starting

Hello ,

Two days back i was using my dell inspiron 5520 core i5 3210 and it got off suddenly now it is not turning on when i press on button light on power button lids for just even less then 1 second no giving no beeps it is not even starting to bios cause it gets start and gets off in just less then a second adapter is working i have tried to use without battery just with adapter , tried on battery only without adapter ,and also with adapter and battery but same thing happening i have also tried to resolve this by removing battery and pressed power button for 10 seconds but no success

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RE: Dell Inspiron 5520 Not Starting

Hi ,

If system is in warranty, send me Service Tag and name listed on account in a private message.

For system not in warranty, contact Expired warranty support using link given below:


NOTE: Link is for US only.

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Manshu S

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