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Dell Inspiron 7567 problem connected to other display !

So i bought a Dell Inspiron 7567 last week - TN model with the 1050TI and 1 tb hdd model. I have win10 home , i installed all the drivers(nvidia, intel graphic ...). The problem is when i connect to an led display . The led display is a Samsung 27 inch S27F350 . The problem is that it's all blurry, the text, the colors are not there and i cannot change the sharpness,gamma for my screen at all it's like the driver blocked me , only the brightness of the screen , that i can change. When i put the led  on the eye saver mode i can change the contrast, the sharpness, but not the brightness of course, because it's the yellow light and yeah in the eye saver mode where the sharpness exists, it's all more clear the text, the images  . I have native settings on the screen.

I connected to a TV that's full hd 1080p, i cannot see the edges of the screen. I think the drivers are not set correctly and the problem is with in the driver of nvidia or intel graphic. If you know the solution please help ?

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RE: Dell Inspiron 7567 problem connected to other display !

Hi SilviuMihai,

When you connect to the Samsung 27, you will want to adjust the scaling probably to 100% within the display settings, this should help with some of the issues. 

As for the TV you will need to go into settings on the TV (typically) and adjust the resolution to be something like 1:1 or fit to screen. 

I hope this helps!

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RE: Dell Inspiron 7567 problem connected to other display !

Hello !  can you give me the software named True color. After reinstalling windows my app gone and dont find it online. Please any one give me link or  sent it to me.

email :

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