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Dell Inspiron N5040 battery drains faster after Windows 10 update

Following the operating system update from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, the battery life on my Inspiron has degraded significantly.  I want to say that the battery drains about 5 times faster than what I experienced compared to windows 8.1.  I notice that my laptop runs hotter and the fan runs at high speed more often.  What can be done to resolve this, if anything?

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RE: Dell Inspiron N5040 battery drains faster after Windows 10 update

Hi sjcbill,

Windows 10 has not been tested on Inspiron N5040 model and there are no compatible drivers for Windows 10 in support for this model. Hence, you will have to roll back the Operating system to the previous one. You can follow the steps below to roll back to the previous Operating system. But before that please backup all the important files and data

1. Go to Settings>Update &security>Recovery.
2. Look for the Go back to Windows XX entry which will say either 7 or 8.1 depending on your former OS.
3. Click on Get started and follow the prompts to go through the restoral process.
Once it is complete you will find yourself in the familiar confines of your past operating system.

Note - if you have previously cleaned up after your Windows 10 install by using the Disk Cleanup tool and removed the old Windows installation files this option will not be available.

The link below will show you the systems tested with Windows 10

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