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Dell Inspiron N5110


My laptop Dell Insp N5110 Window 7 OS, recently started giving problem like " SELECT PROPER BOOT DEVICE OR INSERT BOOT MEDIA IN SELECTED BOOT DEVICE". And this problem will show only for few hours after few hours if i restart it will work properly. I read some answers in this forum for same problem and done "Integrated NIC -Disabled" it dint worked. When i did diagnosed then it is showing error something like " Hard disc HDD not detected" but after few hours if i restart is working properly with no booting problem.

Could you please tel why this problem?. even i  not have any backup of my data.Is my HDD is dying? 

Thank you 


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RE: Dell Inspiron N5110

Your hard drive is likely failing.  If you can get the system running, make a backup NOW.  If you can't, you can try removing the the hard drive, mounting it in external case and attaching it to a working system to see if you can read it.  On this model replacing the drive is not easy - it requires removing the mainboard from the system, so you will likely want to have a new drive ready to go when you remove the old one.  See video:

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