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Dell L421X Battery 3rd Party Battery fix?

Hi Guys,

I have a dell L421X with a dead battery. Called up Dell and they said they didnt have stock for this battery anymore.

Thought to myself, I will just get a 3rd party battery and call it a day. The system boots but says that the battery cannot be identified. In windows it says plugged in , not charging. 63%.

As I understand it Dell deliberately denies 3rd party batteries from charging. But if they cannot even provide me a replacement, what choice do I have? Throw away a good laptop that is 5 years old?

Things I have tried:

Bios update to A16.
Remove battery and drain any remaining battery (20 Seconds on Power Button)
2 Different 3rd Party Batteries.
AC adapter is Original and is fine as per BIOS reading.

So having said all of this is there anyone that knows of a Fix for 3rd party Batteries?

Tried a vhbw battery and a "Genuine" Dell batteries from ebay.

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RE: Dell L421X Battery 3rd Party Battery fix?


Unfortunately, i was going to suggest updating the bios. You mention you have done this as well. There are no fixes other than to try and locate the correct battery for the system.

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RE: Dell L421X Battery 3rd Party Battery fix?

OEM batteries are still available from sources other than Dell.


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