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Dell Latitude E6540 Hibernation Problem

I have a Latitude E6540 for my work laptop and after IT put their generic Windows 7 Enterprise image on the system, I went through and installed all of the appropriate Dell drivers for the system.  After doing this, I ran into a problem.  When the computer would hibernate, it would crash.  I'm not sure if it crashed upon entering hibernation or upon waking, but instead of the normal Resuming Windows... startup screen, I would get the Windows failed to shutdown properly screen with the option to restart normally or go into the other available options.

I went through all of the Event logs looking for something that would point me in the right direction, but none had any information recorded that could be related to the hibernation crash.  I would get a Kernel event indicating that the system had shutdown unexpectedly, but it had not further error information.  All of the categories that it could potentially provide were zeros.

I then searched the Internet and found various potential causes, but nothing that really addressed what I have been seeing.  Then, one day I stumbled across a site where an IT admin had run into the same issue and had narrowed it down to the O2 drivers for the SD card slot.  So, I went in and immediately disabled the card slot in Device Manager and rebooted the system to ensure that the drivers weren't loaded.  I then let the system go through its normal hibernation process overnight as it usually does, but it still crashed the next morning on startup.  This continued for another couple of days and then I thought to check Services to see if there was anything in there and, sure enough, there were two services from O2:  O2FLASH and O2SDIOAssit.  I disabled both of these services and have been crash-free ever since.

The IT admin mentioned that rolling back the drivers to an older version appeared to correct the issue, but I wanted to make sure that it was reported here in hopes of getting Dell's attention and a fix put in place.  Also, maybe this post will help others to find the solution as well.

The SD Card Reader is located under Storage Controllers in Device Manager as BayHubTech/O2Micro Integrated MMC/SD controller and the current version of the driver is  These drivers may actually be okay as the problem does seem to be related to the Services drivers, which are as follows:

O2FLASH.exe -

srvany.exe - no version number, but date modified is 3/9/2012 10:27 AM

Next, I'll try rolling back the drivers to see if that fixes things up for my system and if I get time, I may try to track down the crash cause to whichever service causing the actual crash.

If there are any thoughts or suggestions related to this crash, I'm all ears!

So many bits, so little time...

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