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Dell Latitude E7450 No POST

I have a Dell Latitude E7450 that will not boot up. The power light turns on solid white and nothing else happens. The LCD doesn't appear to turn on, no diagnostic lights, no beep codes, nothing.

I tried to boot into the Dell PSA by pressing down the Fn Key + Power button, but it does not boot to it. In this case, the white battery charge light blinks at a steady interval, but nothing else happens.

I was, however, successfully able to boot to the LCD test by pressing D + Power button. It goes through all the different colors, then reboots to the same situation which I just outlined - power button on, nothing else happens.

I tried switching RAM, unplugging CMOS battery, draining all power from the system, etc. and nothing has been able to get this unit to actually post. Any ideas?

Thank you!

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RE: Dell Latitude E7450 No POST

Try with the battery disconnected.  If it'll power up that way, the battery is bad.  If it won't, there's not much more you can do short of replace the mainboard, which must be faulty.

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