Dell Precision M3800 workstation

I’ve bought about 3 years ago, a Precision M3800 workstation (~2300 EUR). The first 15 months used it about 3 times a week. After 1 and half year, the fans started to be noisy. Called the help center they said it’s normal due to the heat – OK, I agreed. Since then, it started to do more and more noise. Called again, the center they said the guarantee is over, you must send it in for repair and it’s payable – I asked ‘Why?’, their answer: “it’s a problem with the ventilators.” How come? 6 months before it was OK, now it isn’t. Thereafter, I put it to rest because I got a new desktop workstation (from another vendor). About 6 months ago, I took it again out, and no noise. Now again for 2 month it started again to more noise than previously. Did a diagnostic (read somewhere on the Internet), get error code 2000-8008, apparently, a memory issue? I’m sorry to say, but your customer service is “zero”. Again, searched the Internet and found, that issue with the ventilators is known since already 3 + years! Why didn’t the help center say it straight away?

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