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Dell Studio 1558 Battery not charging beyond 44%

I have a Dell studio 1558, which i purchased in 2010.

I replaced my original 6 cell battery with a 9 cell battery which i obtained from an authorized dell service center in 2011.

After about 1 year of use, the battery now does not charge beyond 44%.

It is able to discharge normally and charges upto 44% normally.

I have tried removing the battery, cleaning the contacts, updating the battery driver etc.

I do not think this is a problem with battery life, as it should charge to 100% but retain it for lesser time. This is not the case here. The battery is not charging to 100%.

Any assistance in resolving this issue would be appreciated.

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Hi ,

You can drain the residual power of your computer and re-calibrate the battery by following the steps below:

  • Power off your computer. 
  • Remove all the external peripherals  (printers, scanners or any other USB device) connected to your computer.
  • Please remove the AC adapter and battery of your computer. 
  • Press and hold the power button of your computer for 10-15 seconds to drain the residual power. 
  • Release the power button
  • Keep the battery out for atleast 2 - 3 hours.
  • Then insert the battery and charge it overnight with the system powered off.
  • Insert the battery in and connect the AC adaptor.
  • Then power on the computer and see if it works.

You can check the battery health from control panel by following the steps below:

  • Click on Windows logo on desktop.
  • Type 'Power options' in search bar above that.
  • Click on Power Options.
  • Check for the 'Battery Health Meter' among the different options on the left side of window.
  • Check for battery health and check if the battery charging is disabled.
  • Restart your computer to check if the issue is fixed.  


If the issue still persists, you can update the system BIOS.

Note: Make sure the ac adapter is connected and the battery is charged 10% or above to update the BIOS. Also, disconnect all the external peripherals before updating the BIOS. All the programs should be closed and documents saved.

Link to download system BIOS:

Please share the findings. 

Thanks and regards,
DELL-Chinmay S

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