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Dell XPS 12 Charging and other issues

Hello everyone,

I researched extensively and considered my options before I bought my xps 12, it really seemed like the best option for me back in 2013. I went all out and got the  top specs i7 version. A couple of months into having the laptop I started noticing touchpad issues and wi-fi signal problems. I downloaded the  latest drivers for both and it seemed to fix the issues somewhat. A few months after that, I accidentally bent the charging port which affected the dc charger, I was still able to charge the laptop but when I plugged in the charger it was a bit wobbly when inserted all the way. I started getting "The AC power adapter type cannot be determined. Your system will operate slower and the battery will not charge." I bought a new charger from amazon but this didn't fix the issue. I then bought a new dc jack and installed it myself, it wasn't hard however I stripped the screws a bit. The newly installed DC jack also did not fix the issue and yes I tried both chargers. I am also experiencing this issue where if I rest the full weight of the laptop on itself (normal laptop position or tablet mode) the touchscreen and touch pad will go crazy and not register touches or register multiple touches making it impossible to do anything. To top it all off I also had most of my data and apps deleted randomly after installing Windows 8.1 and was not able to access apps after that, I did a system restore which fixed the issue. 

I recently saw a notification on it telling me the battery needed to be replaced and now I am sitting with the dilemma of whether or not I should change it, the replacement batteries cost $100+ and I mentioned I stripped the screws a bit already which is going to make things a lot harder. I could also send it to dell which I'm sure would cost me at least $200. This laptop has caused me so much frustration and aggravation, that I am not sure it would be worth spending more money and time on it. I recently purchased a Chinese tablet for about $130 shipped that runs both android and windows and it blows my mind how much faster and smoother it is compared to my top of the line XPS 12 which I paid $1300+ for. I am not usually the complaining type but I am sooooo disappointed with my purchase and definitely would not ever buy a dell again and much less recommend it to others without an extended warranty.

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