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Dell XPS 13 9360 Windows 7 installation

I would like to install Win7 on a XPS 13 9360 (no Win10 due to company policies), but it seems like a I'm heading into a road of torment. I see some people have partly succeeded with downgrading the XPS 13 9650, do anyone have some tips and tricks for downgrading the 9360?

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RE: Dell XPS 13 9360 Windows 7 installation

Hi Super5-56,

Thank you for reaching us here. Unfortunately, the XPS 9360 has not been launched with Windows 7 version. The drivers are not available for Windows 7 on our Dell support page.

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RE: Dell XPS 13 9360 Windows 7 installation

The 9350 uses a Skylake CPU and chipset -- these do have limited support for Windows 7 (Microsoft removed the ability to install 7 from USB but it can be added back with a custom image and drivers).  Dell has support for this:


The 9360 uses Kaby Lake CPUs and chipset -- there is no support on these for anything older than Windows 10, period.  

You really have two options:

If you MUST have Windows 7, return the system for a 9350.

If you need the 9360, you must convince the powers that be of the need to abandon Windows 7 and upgrade.  

The latter is preferable, given that Skylake is the last Intel platform on which Windows 7 will run - meaning you'll soon have no choices in new systems that are capable of meeting your company's existing policies.

Windows 7 is on borrowed time with new systems -- it's basically dead and awaiting burial.


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