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Dimension e510 not starting

I have a Dimension e510. When I turned it on today, the first thing I noticed was that the monitor (via DVI) wasn't waking up.  Then I noticed that the lights on the mouse and keyboard (caps lock, numlock etc) weren't on, and when you plug in an iPod via USB, it doesn't switch to charging mode.

The power light is green, and the fans are running.  The DVD drive opens and closes, but booting from a Linux live cd makes no difference to the behavior.  When you first turn it on, the hard drive acivity indicator shows for a few seconds, and the DVD drive light stays on for a few seconds, and then the fans keep spinning but nothing ever wakes up.

Also I can tell in the router admin that it's never getting to the point where it requests an IP.

I've unplugged it and tried to restart it numerous times.  Have not opened it up at all yet.

What should I look for first?


Edit:  Oh, didn't realize those numbers were diagnostic codes.  Mine flash 1 3 4 as it's just starting to boot, and then switch to 2 4.  Graphics card issue?  If so, would that prevent the boot process from proceeding?

Also forgot to mention I do have a Geforce card of some sort in there.  I guess I'll try taking it out and see what happens.

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