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Dock for 9550 that actually works??

Just got a new 9550 and I love the laptop. its awesome! yesterday picked up an Acer XR341CK and received a new WD15 dock that I panned on using. After about 6 hours and issue after issue after issue, I give up on it. And, after looking around in this forum, seems like the issues are widespread. I followed the instructions on the driver installation and everything.

So, is there another universal dock out there that works for the 9550? Seems like dell has some major issues with the WD15 and TB15!

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RE: Dock for 9550 that actually works??

Here is the solution for constant disconnect, Video blanking, and few other problems using Dock Station:

Go to the properties of the WIFI, "Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections", Right click on the WI-FI adapter, Properties,  Configure,  advanced, Power output. Change it from 100% to 75%. If you wish to use external monitor attached to the docking station, you may have to change it to 50%. The only problem now with the 50% is that the WIFI will no longer switch off automatically. Closing the lid also affects this, so you may have to play with this setting.

This may sound like a strange solution, but it worked for few people already.

Palo B

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