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E-Port Plus II Docking Station USB Ports Do Not Work

Hello, I have the following:

1. Dell E6430 Latitude Laptop

2. Windows 7 Pro 64 bit

3. Dell E - Port Plus II Docking Station

The brand new, out of the box E- Port Plus II Docking Station I just received has no functioning USB ports - five of them.  I have a Latitude E6430 laptop docked in an E-Port Plus II Docking Station. There was an alert posted by Dell stating a compatability issue with certain laptops, but my laptop was listed as being compatible. All of my deviices (mouse, keyboard, cam, headset, and flash drives require USB ports, so i am stuck.

The docking station came with a four page fold out describing how to dock one's laptop into it (in 4 languages), even though the instructions are so simple an illiterate Yananamo would be able to complete the installation despite never having heard of electricity. There are no trouble shooting tips on dell.com that I could find, so I am turning to the Dell community for help. Any ideas would certainjly be better then the violent thoughts I am experiencing against the docking station. So, any help would be appreciated,




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