E6510 + Adv. port replicator wired speed

I have a Latitude E6510 with advanced E-port replicators. In the manual I can find that these replicators have 10/100/1000 speed. Unfortunately this is not working for me. When I put a CAT5E or CAT6 cable directly in my Latitude is gives me gigabit speed, but when I plug my laptop into the replicator it drops back to 100mbit.

I've seen that the port replicator is passing on the data and does not have it's own network card, since there is no additional hardware is in de device list when I connect it to the replicator.

I have more than one replicator and this problem occurs on all of them.

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Re: E6510 + Adv. port replicator wired speed


The port replicator has 10/100 not gigabit adaptor.  It is not passive and has electronics inside.

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Re: E6510 + Adv. port replicator wired speed

I am sorry but the manual clearly states it's 10/100/1000 and that's why I bought it in the first place all latitudes have gigabit nic's as far as I know so why would the replicator have 100mbit tops?

Also no additional hardware is installed nor is any additional hardware to be found in the hardware list so how can the replicator have it's own nic? The network connection through the replicator does work but with 100mbit instead of 1gigabit

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