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Failed Hard Drive

The laptop was purchased 8/2014. In 8/2015 hard drive failed and was replaced. For the past 4-5 months the system has been very slow and unable to run certain applications. Two days ago I decided to do a reset/recovery and it failed. One of the options listed, after failure, was to return to Windows, when selected that option, the system would not reboot and the Dell logo would just flash off and on.  I tried doing a recovery/restore with the USB key and it failed.  Via directions from your website I ran a test and received the following error: 2000-0142 validation 118518.......HARD DRIVE FAILURE!!!!!!!!  

AGAIN.....REALLY!!!!!!!!!! A new hard drive every year!  I believe this machine falls under the term "LEMON." There is something wrong with a laptop that requires a new hard drive every year!

 When I contacted Dell support all I received was confirmation of the error code, notification that my warranty had expired, and  instructions on how to have the machine serviced and what it would cost to do so. When I questioned the need of a third hard drive in three years, I was told heavy usage could cause it, such as gaming.   The laptop was not used for gaming purposes and he could offer no other reason why a hard drive would continue to fail.  I'm really leery of spending the money to replace the hard drive again,  wondering if this time next year I will be faced with the same dilemma.

Suggestions, thoughts, HELP.

 If a new hard drive is indeed needed, based on the history of the laptop, I truly believe Dell should offer to replace it at their expense. We have several Dell products, and some with a lot heavier usage than this one,  and have never had such problems. This laptop is a LEMON.

If you are unable to help would you please forward me information to someone in the DELL organization that can.

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