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Graphics lag & freeze on Inspiron 15R

I've had my new Insirpon 15R 5537 with a 4th gen i5 processor and 6gb of ram (touchscreen) for a week. When I play Farmville 2 on Facebook, it very frequently and noticably lags and freezes in both Chrome and Firefox. My 4-year old Studio doesn't lag, so the new one is a disappointment (I haven't used it much so far as a result; I'm trying to decide if I should just return it). However, is there a simple fix for this problem? Also, the laptop runs very hot to the touch on the bottom left side.

Any ideas on what to do? I hate to have to call dell about it, as I had a hellish problem that took hours and hours on the phone with dell cs last weekend (switching to every department they have more than once) because a warranty I ordered with the system, and was charged for, did not show up on the order and no one could figure out how to get it on there (most of them couldn't even find the warranty with the purchase, but one person finally did --- but said I still couldn't use the warranty because it didn't attach to the order). They finally sorted it through a very drawn-out process. Anyhow, I just want to get graphics working properly, or send the thing back -- but I'd prefer not to spend hours more on with Dell tech support if I don't have to.

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