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Help- Laptop issues.


I can't seem to disable tap to click on my dell studio 1555 laptop (windows 7- 64bit).  Every time I disable it, it will come back on a minute later.  This has never been a problem until two days ago.  I have uninstalled the synaptic driver and reinstalled the latest version, but the problem still persists.  I also am running "twofingerscroll", though I have had that for years and this problem didn't start until 2 days ago.

Thanks for any help.

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Re: Help- Laptop issues.

Since this is a recent problem I suggest running system restore. Click the start button, click search, type in system restore and press enter.  Once you have system restore open look for a restore point that was created before you noticed the poblem. See if it helps, for more on system restore please check the following link.



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