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How do I get Dell support

I upgraded my XPS L701X to windows 10 - I had audio problems so reverted back to windows 7. I still have audio drop outs and stutters. I've given up looking for a fix and want to re-set my laptop to factory config.

I no longer have the original factory disks. How can I get a set of original factory install (windows and Dell drivers etc) that came with my machine in the first place. I had this laptop from new and have it registered with Dell but my warrenty ran out long ago.  I can't seem to find a way to speak to Dell to order a set of disks.

any suggestions?

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Jim Coates
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RE: How do I get Dell support

How can I get a set of original factory install

Hello. The link to request backup discs no longer works, and I don't think Dell provides them anymore. There are a couple of other ways to perform a system recovery.

The firsrt way is to use the recovery media you made when first running the system. If you didn't make the recovery media, the other way is to use the Factory Image Restore image that is on the hard drive -- but you have to have the original hard drive, and never have wiped (formatted) it. The instructions are on page 77 of the XPS L701x Setup Guide.

Turn on the computer.

When the DELL. ™ logo appears, press <F8> several times to access the Advanced Boot Options window.
NOTE: If you wait too long and the operating system logo appears, continue to wait until you see the Microsoft Windows desktop; then, shut down your computer and try again.

Select Repair Your Computer. The System Recovery Options window appears.
Select a keyboard layout and click. Next.
To access the recovery options, log on as a local user. To access the command prompt, type administrator in the User name field, then click OK.
Click Dell Factory Image Restore.
The Dell Factory Image Restore welcome screen appears.
NOTE: Depending upon your configuration, you may need to select Dell Factory Tools, then Dell Factory Image Restore.
Click  Next.
The Confirm Data Deletion screen appears.
NOTE: If you do not want to proceed with the Factory Image Restore, click Cancel.
Select the check box to confirm that you want to continue to reformat the hard drive and restore the system software to the factory condition, then click Next.
The restore process begins and may take five or more minutes to complete. A message appears when the operating system and factory-installed applications have been restored to factory condition.
Click Finish to restart the computer.

I still have audio drop outs and stutters. I've given up looking for a fix

Have you tried the solutions in the Choppy/Skipping Audio FAQ? There is a section for L701x and 702x.

Jim Coates -- 15 years on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04 

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