How to fix blue screen of death Dell Inspiron 6000 Windows XP

Was functioning normally, had just been using it, then my cat sat on keyboard for several seconds, immediately new tabs I opened in Google Chrome were incognito only and if tried to open a new website on an already open not incognito screen, that tab also switched to incognito...apparently some setting got changed when cat sat on it.  Cleared cache, closed Google and reopened, the issue continued.  Tried to reboot laptop, but it wouldn't (just nothing happened)....normally I have no problem rebooting. So I did a shut down through the computer's shutdown function (not manually).  It did shut down, but when I booted it back up, it got all the way to where my desktop should appear, then the blue screen:

STOP: c000021a (Fatal System Error).  The Windows logon system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of Oxc0000005 (Ox00000000 Ox00000000) The system has been shut down.

Have tried to boot up about 5 times...every time gets all the way to desktop, then either that same blue screen code or this one:

STOP C0000145 (Application error.  failed to initialize properly Oxc0000142

A ridiculously older laptop I know, just needing it to hold out a bit longer until get get a new one. 

Is there an easy fix?  It runs Windows XP is the other downside.  Thx if anyone can help.

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