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Inspirion 15 7000 Touch pad

The last 3 months the touch pad works for a few minutes and quits. i bought a wireless mouse to use,but it hangs up also. I called dell support several times and they use the same scripted approach.The last time i was on for three hours and 4 different people. the first guy got smart with me and i requested someone else. they want let you talk to their supervisor, they send you to one of their comrades to talk to.

I've read several post about the touch pad problem on this forum but, nothing seems to work. does anyone on here have a inspirion 15 7000 with touch pad problems?



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RE: Inspirion 15 7000 Touch pad


1) Try to Update Touchpad Driver
a) If , updating the drivers fixes the issue that’s fine.
b) If No, Run PSA/ PSA+

2) Does PSA / PSA+ / e-PSA diagnostics return any error code on the Touchpad?
c) If Yes, replace the touchpad.
d) If No, try disabling the track stick of the keyboard. If the notebook keyboard doesn't have Track-stick skip this step.

3) Run System Restore
a) If No, boot the windows to Safe Mode and check whether the touchpad is responding or not.

4) Try an external mouse — Does this problem happen with an external mouse attached?
a) The Device Select section of the Dell Touchpad Properties has options to enable or disable the touch pad or external mouse. Try several combinations of these settings.

b) If the problems only occur when the touch pad is enabled and do not occur any time a mouse or other external device is used, then the issue is related to the touch pad.

5) Run System Restore
a) If No, boot the windows to Safe Mode and check whether the touchpad is responding or not.

6) Try Touchpad in Safe Mode
a) If Yes, Then re-install the OS and the drivers it would work fine.
b) If No, replace the MBD & Touchpad.

To run the ePSA Diags follow the information below.

Launching ePSA
Tap F12 during startup
Select Diagnostics.
Testing Devices using ePSA
The ePSA starts running the quick test without waiting for user input.
To select a specific device to test, users can tap the Esc key.
A NOTE indicates important information that helps you make better use of your computer. NOTE:
The Touchpad/Mouse will be non–functional when the test is in progress. This is as per design.

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RE: Inspirion 15 7000 Touch pad

Thanks, I used system restore and been working for a week. i'll use this forum next time i  have a problem. i will never call dell support again because they didn't seem to know how to diagnosis computer problems and wasted hours of my time. I don't think Dell realize  how much bad customer service hurts their business.  thanks again, Jessi L      

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