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Inspiron 14 7460 Screen Flickering

Good morning everyone,

I received my Dell Inspiron 14 7460 3 days ago, and I noticed that when I moved it out of the table the screen blinked. Initially I thought it might be some factory flaw like a monitor flat cable or something. But as I installed linux on that same computer and did dual boot I decided to test in linux if the screen was blinking too.

In linux I could see that it worked perfectly, without any blinking, then I did another test in windows security mode, where I also noticed that there were no problems. Then I discarded factory defect.

I jumped to step that could be video driver problem. I reinstalled both Intel HD 620, as well as Nvidia 940MX, the problem persisted.

So running around here by the DELL Forum, someone commented that the problem was in the 802.11ac 1820 wireless adapter, and to my amazement really the problem was it. As soon as you disconnect from any network, you do not even have to disable it, just by disconnecting it, it stops blinking when you move the notebook. I installed the latest driver on the "Qualcomm-QCA61x4A-QCA9377-Wi-Fi-and-Bluetooth-Driver_MKFDK_WIN_12.0.0.448_A15_01" DELL site, but the problem persisted.

Some people said they just solved by switching the wifi adapter to one from INTEL.

The question I ask is the following: Has anyone managed to solve the problem just by changing the wireless software? Will I have to send the warranty, so they can return it saying that they changed the screen when in fact the problem is in the wireless adapter?

Thanks for all your help!