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Inspiron 17 5759 Won't Power On


My laptop is experiencing problems in that it will not turn on.  I have attempted (all unsuccessful)

1)  Removing the battery, holding the power button for 60 seconds, and applying AC power (still without battery).

2)  Re-seating the battery.

3)  Holding the power button for 60 seconds (battery installed).  AC power applied for 30 minutes.

Nothing works.  Now, I'm sure there is a diagnostic message hidden here.  When I press the power button, the Caps Lock flashes once.  The battery light will then flash twice amber, then four times white.  I can find no information anywhere on this site exactly what that means (other than I'm screwed).

The laptop isn't even a year old and I'm on business travel to Malaysia.  So kind of not happy right now.

Anyone know what the flashing lights mean?  Any suggestions on how to fix it?



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