Inspiron 17 (N7010) Memory upgrade DDR3-1333MHz


May I ask a question regarding the supported RAM for Inspiron 17 (N7010)?

Per the service tag for this machine it shipped with a 2GB module 1333MHZ & the manual seems to agree that it will support 1333 MHz & states:

Memory Type 1333 MHz SODIMM DDR3

& when I search for parts on this laptop @ Dell it lists 1333 MHZ RAM modules there as well.


Currently this machine has 6GB running @ 1066 MHz.  But both modules are DDR3-1333 MHz (one 2GB & one 4GB)

Intel states that processor Core i3-370m supports only Memory types = DDR3-800/1066.

But it would seem to me that if you were to trust anyone in this case it would be the information @ the Intel site?


I am thinking the best configuration for this PC is 8GB RAM @ 1333 MHz if possible?



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Re: Inspiron 17 (N7010) Memory upgrade DDR3-1333MHz

Would like to add that I just allowed to the Crucial System Scanner to check this PC out.  It correctly identified the installed Memory & also recommended an upgrade 8GB to 1333MHz.

Of course they're in the business to sell stuff.

CPUZ shows DRAM Frequency @ 532 MHz which also equates to  DDR2 RAM running @1066 MHz.

How could both Dell & Crucial both be so wrong when the Intel website quite clearly states for this processor only Memory types = DDR3-800/1066 is supported?

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RE: Inspiron 17 (N7010) Memory upgrade DDR3-1333MHz

I've run into the same problem, Using both Crucial's website to scan my system based on Dells information. I purchased the 8 Gigs of ram basically throwing my money away based on poor information.

This will without a doubt be an influence on all future computer purchases.

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RE: Inspiron 17 (N7010) Memory upgrade DDR3-1333MHz

you are right!  I found this:

Memory Specifications

Max Memory Size (dependent on memory type)

8 GB

Memory Types

DDR3 800/1066

Max # of Memory Channels


Max Memory Bandwidth

17.1 GB/s

Physical Address Extensions


ECC Memory Supported ‡


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