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Inspiron 6000 No Post - Can't find code meaning

Hey, I have a Dell Inspiron 6000, when i try to turn it on sometimes it works, but most often it will try for 9 seconds witht he lock led code off-flash-off . I can't find post lock led codes for my comp. I found one for Dell portable computers built after 2006. Mine is 2005 and doesn't have my post code. Anyone know where I can find the information or have any idea what this code could mean?

Also, sometimes when I get it to work it will randomly shut down or the screen will go wonky, or it will go black like in standby or it will just freeze. I need my comp for work so i'm in pretty bad shape without it.

Much Thanks

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Re: Inspiron 6000 No Post - Can't find code meaning

Try reseating the memory module(s) - remove and reinstall.  Then boot and run a full diagnostic (F12 at powerup).


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