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Inspiron will not boot up?

Windows 8.1 is not booting up. I'm on the screen to try and boot and restart this way, because I tried everything but this way? Need a little help.

How to add Windows Boot Manager into UEFI BIOS setting boot priorities boot option #1? I downloaded a recovery backup that was on the popups and recommended that it would fix and make the computer run better. My computer will not restart ant suggestions?

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RE: Inspiron will not boot up?


Here would suggest you to first confirm if the hardware is working fine.

Would ask you to initiate the dell diagnostics on the system .Restart the system as soon as you see the dell logo keep tapping the F12 key to initiate the Dell diagnostics.During the diagnostics every hardware component will be checked accordingly and a error code followed with an error message will be displayed .

I hope this helps.If there are any queries do reply to this post with the service tag of the system (sent via private message) so that I can look into the details of the system.

Awaiting your reply !

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